Acromion: Spirit devoted to The One. Protector of the four starngers.

Alba: Disciple of Teller. Chosen by Teller to asume leadership of Galea until another religious leader is chosen if Teller were to die.

Chief of Elad: Oldest of the Chieves in Calyx.

Clavius: King of Atresia. Father of Ramus and Talus.

Deavon: (Deevon) Foster child placed in the O’Reilly home for the summer.

Erin: Youngest and only naturally born child of the O’Reilly’s.

Fossa: Closet Friend and stableman of Talus.

Hallicus: High Priest of Solus in Atresia.

Lacunae: Priestess of Solus. Talus’ Lover.

Manus: Adopted father of Lacunae. Follower of Solus.

Mei Ling: (Mike) Adopted by the O’Reillys. Oldest of the children.

Necrosis: Spirit of Darkness. Solus’ right hand.

Ramus: Twin brother of Talus

Salpingo: Follower of Teller. Wilderness guide for the children and Teller.

Sem: Closest friend of Vellus. Successor to the High Chief of Calyx.

Solus: The name of The Darkness. The antithesis of God.

Talus: The twin of Ramus and the son of Clavius.

Teller: The Leader of Galea and spiritual spokesman of The One.

Tony: A Foster child who had become a permanent placement in the O’Reilly home.

Vasa: The nemesis of Tallus.

Vellus: The High Chief of Calyx.