How does one write a book? I still don’t know. To say it just came to me would be simplifying a complex process but honestly it did. I awoke from a dream with a general idea. With each night’s sleep after, the idea grew into a story. But having a story is not an end but only a beginning to a process of writes and re-writes; of editing and crafting thoughts into intelligible pages that flow from paragraph to paragraph. Seven months of storytelling turned into five years of labor until, at last, my Mom said it was done.

Did I say my Mom? Yeah I did. The secret to success is having someone you can trust, who will give you an honest opinion. As a dreamer, I am prone to believe more in Disney and not enough in the traditions and culture of our age. It’s too easy for me to get lost in possibilities and leave behind the reality of the moment. This is a book of possibilities where reality is suspended for a little while and where hope endures. For what would a dreamer be without hope? Again, as with songwriting long ago, I am daring to believe in a possibility where something created has value and that you will invest your time in its reading.